Information for visitors

Welcome to Lusto. We have collected practical information on this website for visitors, groups and families together with tips for making the best of your visit.

Safe museum visit

Our museum is large, the exhibition space is about 2,500 m² and there is usually only a moderate number of visitors at the same time so it is easy to social distance at Lusto.

By making sure that our guests are safe, we prevent the coronavirus pandemic from getting worse and offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy our cultural heritage under these exceptional circumstances. A very warm welcome.

Guidelines for visitors

We hope you enjoy your visit to the museum. Take your time to relish the exhibitions and the atmosphere and to admire the beautiful architecture of the Lusto building. Give yourself and other guests a chance to explore the exhibitions without hurrying.

  • Leave jackets and backpacks in the cloakroom or a locker at the museum’s customer service point.
  • Leave all snacks in the locker: eating or drinking are not allowed inside the museum. There are benches and a barbecue shelter in the garden where you can sit down to have a snack.
  • Walk calmly in the exhibition spaces and be considerate of other visitors.
  • Visitors are not allowed to touch many of the exhibits but you can take photographs without flash. There are also several objects that can be touched.
  • Some of our visitors have allergies so visitors are asked to leave their pets at home. Assistance dogs are, of course, welcome.
  • There are two kennels next to the car park where dogs can be left. There is no lock on the door, so please bring your own lock.
    Luston koiraparkki
  • There are two kennels next to the car park where dogs can be left. There is no lock on the door, so please bring your own lock.
  • There is ample parking at Lusto, and parking is only allowed in the designated parking spaces.
  • There are spaces for coaches in front of Lusto.
  • There is bicycle parking in front of the main entrance to the museum.


Getting around the museum

Moving around Lusto is easy if you have a buggy, for example. There is a lot of room between the exhibits and display cases, making it easy to move between them.


You can enter the exhibition spaces along ramps, and the spaces have a smooth concrete floor. There is also a lift, and our customer service staff are happy to help visitors use it.


Personal assistants and guide dogs get free entry to the museum when accompanying a paying visitor.


Toilets are located at the museum’s main entrance, at the customer service point and the central circle exhibition space. There are two accessible toilets in the building.


Buggies can be borrowed for smaller museum guests, and a wheelchair is also available at the customer service point.