Clinics and workshops

Lusto’s specialists organise workshops and clinics related to forests and the museum sector. Spend an enjoyable day at a workshop at Lusto or book one of our experts for your own event.

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Forest Relationship Clinic

The Forest Relationship Clinic and its specialists can meet you at an event you are organising, at your workplace or any location you choose. The Forest Relationship Clinic specialists will listen to you, understand you and offer support in all matters concerning the forest. You will explore what the forest means to you during your visit to the clinic, and you will be given a prescription to strengthen your relationship with the forest at the end of the appointment.

You can also take part in saving forest cultural heritage by agreeing to have your forest relationship discussion at the clinic recorded for the Lusto museum collections. You’ll receive more information at your appointment.


EUR 960 (VAT 0%)
The travel expenses of the two clinic specialists are billed according to the state travel regulations in addition to the clinic fee.


Max. 4 hours.


The Forest relationship clinic requires a space of 3 x 3 x 3.2 metres.
The Clinic can be set up indoors as well as outdoors.


At least four weeks in advance.

Aurinko paistaa puiden lomasta vanhassa havumetsässä.

Forest relationship workshop

A forest relationship workshop is an opportunity for those who work in the forest industry to take part in confidential discussions about their relationship with the forest in small groups. The aim is to become more aware of the significance of the forest for oneself and, in more general terms, for the industry and Finnish society and culture. The service also helps participants to understand the forest industry, forest culture and their own jobs, and it also allows them to stop for a moment to reflect on the forest from a perspective other than their work.

Target group/the workshop is suitable for:

The service is aimed at groups of 4–6 people who work in the forest industry and have chosen to take part as a team (e.g. colleagues, classmates, team members). The Forest relationship workshop can also serve as a networking tool as it is an opportunity to get to know other people in the industry.


EUR 960/4-6 people
If the workshop is held outside Lusto, the travel expenses of the two workshop specialists are billed according to the state travel regulations in addition to the workshop fee.


The workshop, held either at Lusto or a location chosen by the participants, lasts 4–6 hours.

Kolme ihmistä keskustelee teltassa, johon on painettu metsämaisema.

Participatory significance analysis for museums

Significance analysis is a collective method for determining the significance and museum value of museum objects and collections in Finnish museums. An inspiring significance analysis workshop helps museums get started with participatory efforts on their own collections. Different objects of analysis can inspire wonderful and surprising approaches to our shared cultural heritage.

The significance analysis workshop consists of a preliminary assignment set by the museum, two days at the workshop, a commentary on the analyses and a planning meeting with the museum staff to discuss how the participatory significance analysis could be introduced to museum activities on a permanent basis.

We will be happy to provide more details and an offer for a workshop package.

Heikki Häyhä, MA
Conservator-restorer, For Our Generation Ou, tel. +358 50 5830030

Leena Paaskoski, PhD
Development Director, Lusto – The Finnish Forest Museum, tel. +358 50 3669552