Lusto events

Lusto events and work demonstrations explain man’s relationship with the forest and the environment to visitors. Work demonstrations take visitors back in time by introducing them to traditional crafts and skills. Events that focus on all things related to forests offer visitors interested in forest culture an opportunity to spend time together while learning new skills.

We reserve the right to change the dates.

Lusto hosts several events with long traditions, including Metku – the Forest Culture Days, the Christmas Tree event and the Harvest Festival.

Tool sharpening days 1–6 June and 3–8 August 2021

Hand tools and tools used in the forest are sharpened twice a year at the Lusto sharpening event.

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Lähikuva kirveenterästä, josta sinkoaa kipinöitä kun sitä teroitetaan tahkolla.

Upcoming events

Due to Covid-19, we will be confirming the events and dates later.