What’s on at Lusto

Lusto’s permanent exhibition deals with the interaction between man and the forest from the past to the present in a variety of ways. The temporary special exhibitions offer new perspectives on different aspects of forest culture.

Special exhibitions

Hope from wood

Hope from Wood looks at wooden architecture from the perspective of the hope it inspires.

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Lusto’s origin and reform

Lusto’s origin and reform exhibition shares the highlights of the museum’s origin story and describes reform work in the years to come.

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Views on the history of Puruvesi

The exhibition describes of how everyday life on the shores of Puruvesi have always been closely intertwined around nature, lake and fishing.

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Permanent exhibition

Time of the Machines

The Time of the Machines exhibition explores the mechanisation of timber harvesting, as well as the development of forestry and the forest industry from early experimentations to the most modern harvesting technologies.

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Kävelevä metsäkone Plusjack Luston Koneaika-näyttelyssä. Etualalla koura, sen takana itse kone yksi jalka ilmaan nostettuna.

Erilaisia sahanteriä vaalealla taustalla.

The Old Logging Site

The old logging site exhibition takes visitors back to old time logging sites and timber floating routes – to the golden age of buck saws, lumberjacks and Finnhorses.

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Työmies seisoo kaivamansa miehensyvyisen ojan pohjalla hattu päässä ja lapio käsissään.
The Century of Forest Improvements

The exhibition focuses on the pioneering work to enhance silviculture that was carried out in Finland in the 20th century.

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