Lusto records, preserves and makes available material about Finnish forest history and culture. Our collections grow constantly and consist of about 15,000 objects, 500,000 photographs and negatives, as well as 2,000 different film and video recordings. The library has about 15,000 publications.

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Collection policy

Lusto’s collection policy is a description of the management of the museum’s collection, its objectives and principles, and the methods we use to implement them. The collection policy outlines the museum’s collections management in the long term.

Lusto collections online

Lusto’s collections can be explored in the Kantapuu Finna service as well as on site in our exhibitions or by agreement in the collection rooms.

Kantapuu Finna

The Kantapuu Finna database contains an extensive collection of photographs and pictures of artefacts related to Finnish forest culture as well as related information from Lusto’s collections. The database also features other cultural history material from the collections of seven other museums. You can use the Kantapuu service to order a copy of a picture of an archive item or an object, while you can also use it to provide additional information about an image or object to the museum that holds it.

Kantapuu Finna (in Finnish)

Kaksi poikaa ja vanhempi mies raaputtavat kuusesta kuorta kahteen paperipussiin.

Image orders

Lusto’s photo and video archive of forest history – the largest of its kind in Finland – sheds light on Finnish forest culture and is a source material for research, publications and exhibitions. You can place orders for materials through Finna’s image service (from spring 2021), by phone or by email. Customers can use the low-resolution images in Finna in accordance with the terms of the licence. The collections that have not been digitised can be explored on site at Lusto by appointment.

Printable copies of the some of the collection items, subject to possible restrictions of use, can be ordered for an image-specific fee.

Kantapuu Finna (in Finnish)

Orders and contacts:

Image service price list

An image-specific service fee is charged for all images ordered. The museum is not subject to VAT, so VAT on images is 0%.

Digital images without editing
A4 and smallerEUR 30
Larger imagesEUR 45
Photocopies and prints
A4 copy/printEUR 0.50
A3 copy/printEUR 2.00
Photo prints
A4 and smallerEUR 45
A3EUR 60
Larger than A3by agreement
Photo prints are printed on photo paper with an inkjet printer.

Video materials

The use and loaning of video materials is agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Assignments and editorial services

Image editing, photography and video photography, editorial services, extensive image searches and archive work, EUR 60/hour, minimum fee EUR 30.

Handling fees

Digital material is delivered by email free of charge. Postal deliveries: handling fee EUR 6 + postage by weight.

Terms of delivery

The customer is responsible for respecting copyright and privacy laws when using images. Using images of people in marketing and advertising is prohibited without their permission. If a customer publishes images and information, it is their responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the material. If images are published, the name of the photographer (if known), the name of the collection and Lusto must be mentioned. Please provide Lusto with a copy of all printed publications that feature Lusto’s material.

Delivery time

Approx. 14 days.


By email or e-invoice free of charge, by post EUR 5/invoice.