Conference services

Lusto offers a unique setting for meetings as well as educational and cultural events throughout the year. We also recommend that conference guests visit the museum’s exhibitions and the nature and forest sites in the surrounding area.

Spaces to rent


  • 138 persons

Lusto’s 138-seat auditorium is located at the centre of the building and is accessible directly from the entrance hall. The auditorium is steeply-raked with lightly upholstered seats. There are fitted folding tables on the back of the seats.

In addition to standard conference equipment, the auditorium has an Internet connection and digital film equipment, which can also show 3D films, as well as fixed and mobile lighting and sound systems for various music and theatre performances.

1 hour EUR 50
4 hours EUR 150
1 day EUR 280

Multi-function room

  • 35 persons

The multi-function room is separated from Lusto’s Time of the Machines exhibition by partition walls, and can be easily adapted for different types of events. The room seats up to 35 people and is ideal for group work and workshops, for example. The furniture can be modified to suit the event. The multi-function room is accessed either through the exhibition rooms or directly from the restaurant.

The room has a video projector, DVD player and two motorised cameras to project and record video.

1 hour EUR 40
4 hours EUR 120
1 day EUR 220
Ryhmä ihmisiä työskentelee pöydän ääressä etualalla, taustalla mies osoittaa kankaalle heijastettua graafia.

Meeting room

Lusto’s meeting room table seats 14 people, and the side table another 8 people.

There is a video projector, an overhead projector, a flip chart and a Wi-Fi connection.

Catering services are available in the room

1 hour EUR 30
4 hours EUR 80
1 day EUR 140

Bookings and enquiries:
Lusto customer service team +358 15 345 100 or

Supplementary services

In addition to our meeting rooms, we also offer catering services at Museum Restaurant Nila and a selection of forest-related gifts and souvenirs at Lusto Shop.

Lusto Shop

Lusto Shop is scented with tar and tastes like the forest. The shop sells forest-related quality products, most of which are made in Finland. The selection includes decorative and utility items, jewellery, toys, games, textiles, postcards, books as well as products featuring our special exhibitions. Find something nice for yourself or as a gift!

Lusto Shop’s opening hours are the same as the museum’s.

Ravintolan buffetpöytä, jossa tarjolla erilaisia lämpimiä ja kylmiä ruokia.

Museum Restaurant Nila

Another attraction at Hotel Punkaharju is Museum Restaurant Nila, a café-restaurant for the whole family inspired by nature, the forest and small local producers.

Museum Restaurant Nila