Time of the Machines

The Time of the Machines exhibition explores the mechanisation of timber harvesting as well as the development of forestry and the forest industry from the 1950s on. The exhibition takes a look at early mechanisation experiments and also features more advanced harvesting technologies and visions for the future.

Lusto staff recommendations for the exhibition

Kävelevä metsäkone Plusjack Luston Koneaika-näyttelyssä. Etualalla koura, sen takana itse kone yksi jalka ilmaan nostettuna.

The walking harvester Plusjack

“One of the all-time favourites at Lusto is the walking harvester Plusjack. It was developed in 1999 by Plustech, Timberjack’s R&D unit, now part of the John Deere Group. The Plusjack harvester was ahead of its time in the early 1990s, and never went into production. The prototype, however, clearly demonstrates the benefits of operating a machine without wheels: the eco-friendly harvester can operate on steep and uneven terrain, move in all directions and turn on the spot, and it does not leave any tracks on the ground. It’s a curiosity that has left an exciting mark on the history of the forest industry.”

Tuomas Juva, Curator