The Old Logging Site

The exhibition features authentic artefacts related to logging sites and timber floating as well as photos and film material that vividly depict the long history of Finnish forest work and timber floating, as well as that way of life.

Lusto staff recommendations for the exhibition

Sprinkler sled

“A horse-drawn sprinkler sled was used to freeze the haul roads primarily at logging sites in Eastern and Northern Finland. By freezing the roads, sleighs carrying loads of timber were able to slide more smoothly, and the job could be finished quicker. A wooden piston pump was used to pump up the water from a hole in the ice on a lake or river, and about 1.5 cubic metres of water was enough to freeze over about 1-1.5 kilometres of a haul road.”

Tuomas Juva, Curator


Puinen, jalaksilla kulkeva vesipasa, taustallaan mustavalkoinen valokuva jossa vesipasa on hevosen perässä ja sillä jäädytetään tietä.