Lusto’s origin and reform

The exhibition presents the history of the origin of the museum and the upcoming reform.

Opened to the public in 1994, the Finnish Forest Museum Lusto is currently on the verge of the biggest reform in its history. In 2023-2024, the renovation of the part of the building, completed in 1994, as well as the reform of the core exhibition will be implemented in the museum.

Lusto’s origin and reform exhibition introduces the museum’s origin story and the ongoing renovations. Among other things, the exhibition demonstrates how Lusto was described in the international architecture magazines in the early stages of the museum’s history.

The main focus of the exhibition is to offer a glimpse of the renewed exhibition contents. The new core exhibition will be divided into six different themes, where the forest will be explored from the perspectives of values, well-being, forest nature, identity, work and natural resources.

The exhibition is on display in Lusto 19.11.2022-1.10.2023.