Forest Improvements

The Forest Improvements exhibition features operations such as sowing and planting of forests, nursery and seed production, forest drainage as well as measures aimed at enriching the soil such as controlled burning and fertilisation.

Lusto staff recommendations for the exhibition

Forest ditch plough

”The Lokomo forest ditch plough from 1959 stands in the middle of the exhibition and exemplifies the early days of the mechanisation of digging ditches in forests. The efficiency of forest drainage was remarkably improved in the 1950s, when they started using robust ditch ploughs such as this one. Forest ditch ploughs were used with crawler tractors for digging forest and field ditches.”

Tuomas Juva, Curator

Etualalla oja-aura, lähes kaksi metriä korkea rautainen kone. Taustalla valokuva miehestä ojassa lapion kanssa.