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The Core Exhibition Reform

Lusto’s vision for 2023: the core exhibition about the coexistence of man and the forest

Lusto is reforming its core exhibition in 2020–2023. The responsibilities of Lusto as a national specialist museum focus on the fields of forest culture, forest history and forest cultural heritage, so the content of the permanent core exhibition needs to reflect these aspects by being wide-ranging and versatile. The content of the exhibition reform is highlighted from six different perspectives: the forest as an ecosystem without man, forest resources, well-being, work, values and identity. Different approaches bring forward ideas, both big and small. There will also be a focus on Lusto’s versatile collections.

The museum’s activities related to living heritage − the forest relationship − are a prominent part of the exhibition reform. Forest relationships are depicted as elements of the lives of generations gone by as well as contemporary experiences. Lusto’s work with stakeholders offers new perspectives to the exhibition content. The online workshops related to the core exhibition project deal with the contents of the exhibition. The same themes together with global trends in the museum sector are discussed with a group of international mentors.

Working with various stakeholders also strengthens our collaboration with the public, which will become a permanent feature with the launch of the core exhibition. The target group-driven design of the museum services is ingrained in the core exhibition concept, which will be interactive, customer-oriented, accessible, and will use multiple channels right from the start. Many people are interested in and feel connected with the forest, and it is important for the museum to provide experiences and food for thought to forest owners and forest workers as well as to nature-loving visitors to the national park. There will also be a satellite to complement the core exhibition that will provide in-depth content and background information for forest culture-related themes online and also in a touring exhibition across Finland.

A new museum concept – a dynamic museum – is a component of the core exhibition reform. The process of developing this concept opens up new perspectives to operators in the museum field and allows Lusto to share its expertise with other museums.

The core exhibition reform is funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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